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Pura Vida Palau cares deeply about the health of the Earth and human health, which is why we are proud to sell eco-friendly products. We believe that shopping can be about more than just buying something new and that we should always
consider sustainability in our choices.

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Pura Vida Palau is a small business started by Miel Sequeira-Holm, a Palauan youth who is passionate about ocean conservation and art. After learning about the harmful effects that most commercial sunscreens have on human health and marine life, Miel Sequeira-Holm realized that the stores here in Palau did not offer reef safe alternatives at the time. With the help of her parents, she developed a reef safe sunscreen product to be sold in stores here in Palau. Her entrepreneurial journey has opened her eyes to the possibility of making and using locally made products instead of heavily relying on imported goods. Our online store will showcase and sell Palauan made products for people outside of Palau to enjoy!

We strive for quality and believe in using no plastic in our packaging so that we don't contribute to the plastic pollution crisis. We ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fits any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!

Green Coral and Fish


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